Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The lethal anguish of "moderate" Abbas - by Arnold Roth

...Messages like those from Hamas ["Jerusalem: Hamas calls for third intifada"] and the president of the PA ["Abbas calls terror attacks 'justified popular uprising'"] ought to be seen for what they actually are: elements in a psychological warfare they and their trusted cronies are waging against vulnerable individuals in their own society. Yet more deaths and lives wasted in futile acts of terror are the certain outcome. There is no sign of outrage about this among even the most enlightened segments of Palestinian Arab society, and so it continues. As for outsiders, if serious-minded global humanitarian organizations are expressing outrage at the manipulation and the lives thrown away, they are being tragically modest and quiet about it.

The Abbas letter eulogizing
 the vehicle rammer
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
08 March '16..

With three separate Arab-on-Israeli terror attacks in the late afternoon and early evening hours today (Tuesday), and with a dozen or more Israelis now wounded in the violence, let's take a moment to examine what the political leader of the side doing the stabbing and shooting means when he says

"We always oppose terror incidents and we firmly slam these events. We pray for the injured people's recovery." [Source]

Mahmoud Abbas is not a moderate - at least not in the sense of holding to the conventional meaning of moderate views. If there were any doubt about this, and about the duplicity in which he routinely engages, condemning terror while praising the Palestinian Arabs who do it, the letter below ought to put the matter beyond doubt. (But we're confident it will not for those chronically inclined to side with the terrorists.)

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