Thursday, March 10, 2016

Surprise? BBC News reports on three terror attacks without using the word terror - by Hadar Sela

...The absence of that information obviously compounds the BBC’s ongoing failure to provide its audiences with meaningful reporting on the issue of the incitement and glorification of terrorism from official Palestinian sources which fuels the current wave of violence against Israelis. That ongoing failure – now in its sixth month – actively prevents the corporation from meeting its obligation to enhance audience awareness and understanding of this particular international issue.

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09 March '16..

On March 8th three terror attacks took place in Israel within the space of a couple of hours. Earlier in the day an additional attempted stabbing attack by a woman from the Umm Tuba neighbourhood was averted in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Just before 5 pm a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli man in a shop in Petah Tikva. Around a quarter of an hour later two members of the security forces on patrol in Jerusalem were seriously wounded in a shooting attack carried out by a terrorist apparently from the neighbourhood of Issawiya. At around 6:30 pm a Palestinian terrorist from Qalqilya attacked a number of people near Jaffa port and in the surrounding area with a knife. An American tourist – Taylor Force – was murdered and ten other people, including his wife, were wounded. Mr Force’s death brings the number of people holding US citizenship killed in terror attacks since October 1st 2015 to five.Pigua Yafo 8 3 vers 3

Some two hours after the attack in Jaffa took place the BBC News website published an article (its first concerning terror attacks against Israelis since the month of March began) which was originally titled “One killed and several wounded in attacks on Israelis”.

Obviously that headline contributed nothing to audience understanding of who carried out those “attacks on Israelis” and the replacement headline which appeared around two and a half hours later – “US tourist killed and several wounded in Israel attacks” – was even more confusing.

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