Thursday, March 3, 2016

Behind the camouflage: more barely-reported Arab-on-Israeli violence

...But he oddly fails to note, which we think is the key characteristic, that many, probably most, of these armed attacks are done by Arab children and teens. That's not a random observation but a reflection of the role played by religious and political leaders in weaponizing the most vulnerable segment of their populations. We view this as a plague that is costing Palestinian Arab society more dearly than seems to be recognized in the public discourse that we get to see. There's very little sign of self-awareness or of where they are being led.

Characteristic of the genre, Palestinian Arab
 incitement posters 
like this one feed into
the self-perception of a David-vs-Goliath
disguising the armed nature
of most of the lethal Arab-on-Israeli terror
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
03 March '16..

Those sling-shot warriors appearing on self-congratulatory Palestinian Arab incitement posters have been doing more of their vicious and cowardly terror work.

(And yes, we are being facetious. As photogenic as slingshots and their users sometimes look, when it's terror that's on the minds of the attackers, they reach for axes, meat-cleavers, motor vehicles for ramming pedestrians, as well as knives, guns and explosive devices. The poster images are pure psychological warfare. Their effectiveness on people with poor understanding of events in our part of the world is significant.)

It's hard, in fact, not to notice how the pace of those attacks is rising. Here's a number of relevant attack reports from the past few hours. Most of what appears below has gotten scant news coverage in the news media other than in Israel.

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