Friday, January 1, 2016

PA payments plan? Storms ahead? Not everyone notices - by Arnold Roth

...Several of the terrorists convicted of their involvement in the massacre that took our daughter's life in August 2001 are included in the PA payments plan. Berger's revelations, and the PA spreadsheets, received virtually no mainstream news coverage when they were revealed in October. Now, with much colder air and many dead on all sides, we're likely to to reap the harvest of that willful neglect.

Abbas and the inner circle of
PA insiders 
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Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
01 January '16..

Soaking rain and the first significant storm of the winter season are greeting the first day of 2016 here in Jerusalem. There's a chance of snow tonight. Understandably, such are the matters on Israeli minds as people hunker down for an indoor Shabbat.

Meanwhile in the news media, at least for those watching for such things, there are indications of approaching turbulence of a different sort.

The Jerusalem Post this past Monday quoted a report by Gal Berger on Israel Radio's Reshet B of the same day [Hebrew audio of the Berger article here]. Berger recounts things he heard from an un-named "senior Palestinian official". In our words, here are some of them:

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