Sunday, October 11, 2015

Human bomb attack narrowly deflected near Jerusalem: connection to suicide is nil

Is she a suicide bomber? No, because such things are extremely rare. And (though this is only marginally relevant) she did not die. Until we know differently, it is safe to assume she meant to kill and maim via the lethal materials she carried and ignited, and that her own life and its possible end were of no interest to her. This makes her a human bomb in a long tradition of human bombing attacks closely associated with Islamist (but not only Islamist) thinking. This had nothing whatever to do with suicide.

Aftermath of this morning's
 human bomb assault
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
11 October '15..

A Palestinian Arab woman, driving a white Subaru sedan slowly and in the bus lane of a busy commuter route during the Sunday morning rush hour, exploded her car and herself at about 7:00 am today (Sunday). Her license plates were yellow, like those of Israeli vehicles though not Palestinian Arab vehicles.

The explosion injured a police officer, and is currently causing a massive tie-up on the eastern approach to Maale Adumim, about 10 kilometers east of Jerusalem, the nation's capital. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Initial indications are that the vehicle had multiple explosives on board, and that the intention of the driver was to cause some very serious pain. Sappers have found additional unexploded materiel inside.

Meanwhile she herself is en route to Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital in Ein Karem where we assume the very best medical care in the region will be applied to her burns, her other self-inflicted injuries and her recovery (this is not Syria). She is said to be 20 years old, and until now had her whole life and huge potential ahead of her. We can assume that is not how she saw things

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