Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Does the NY Times have a responsibility to anything, to anyone? To the truth?

...Given its reach and influence, does the NY Times, and its talented team of news producers and chroniclers, have a responsibility to anything, to anyone? To the truth? For the NYT's band of news packagers, is there such a thing as truth?

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28 October '15..

An article by its bureau chief here in Jerusalem in yesterday's New York Times ["The Dueling Narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict", October 27, 2015] seems to us to be a classic of its kind.


But for us, the part that stopped us in our tracks was this pair of lines:

To most Israeli Jews, what has been happening is a spate of random attacks against innocents. Palestinians see it as excessive force against not only attackers but anyone who looks like them.

Just like that. A real challenge. What's a thinking person to do in the face of opposing forces that seem to be about equally believable? Evidently just throw hands in air and declare that it's all too hard. What then? Go back to safe formula of pouring scorn on the side perceived to be stronger, less exotic, more privileged?

But we're wondering whether, as professionals in the news reporting industry, the editors at the Times know of a long, documented history of official Israel inventing evidence. Is there a catalogue of the Israeli side making absurd, extravagant claims about the disputed facts? Do Palestinian Arab public figures have a track record of incisiveness dedication to the facts, a respect for history, forensic credibility?

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