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Jerusalem Watch: The "moderates" of the Abbas-run Palestinian Authority condemn... the victims

...It's baffling to see how blood-curdling threats to murder in the name of jihad, and evidence that they do it and are proud to have done it, keep getting discounted by observers and politicians. Odd, too, that no one seems terribly vexed by the way Fatah, which claims to be secular, invokes the doctrine of holy jihad in explaining why Jews must die.

Palestinian Authority spokesman Ihab Bseiso
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
04 October '15..

Mahmoud Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly on September 30, 2015 [full text here] that his regime sees itself as now no longer bound by the mutual undertakings of the mid-1990s Oslo Accords [text here]:

“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.” [New York Times, September 30, 2015]


We do not respond to the Israeli occupation’s hatred and brutality with the same. Instead, we are working on spreading the culture of peace and coexistence between our people and in our region... My hands remain outstretched for the just peace that will guarantee my people’s fights, freedom and human dignity. I say to our neighbors, the Israeli people that peace is in your interest, in our interest, and in the interest of our future generations. Narrow vision is destructive. I hope that you will consider the dangerous reality on the ground and look to the future... [Text of Abbas speech via Times of Israel]

What did he actually mean?, asked numerous commentators (like this one). Evidently the great man himself believes he made himself perfectly clear:

"I stand behind everything that I said on the UN stage, and will work to implement the decisions." [Abbas quoted in Ynet, October 2, 2015]

Today we have a slightly better sense of his intentions.

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