Thursday, July 9, 2015

When incitement to murder is financed by foreign aid, where will the accounting come from?

...We have nothing to say to the father or to the host. They are what they are. The message they intend to convey via the interview is about as clear as messages get: Barghouti the son murdered dozens of Jews, and Barghouti the father says it's something noble to do the same, again, now. Barghouti is serving 67 life terms in an Israeli prison. Incitement to murder, and glorification of the killer, rarely come much clearer than this. We have a request for those who fund Ma'an, an organization entirely dependent on its foreign supporters.

Sitting in an Israeli court, the bomb maker
who has murdered 66 people 
until now
and says he wants more [
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Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
08 July '15..

Our daughter Malki - graceful, pretty, smiley, a musical prodigy, a social activist on behalf of children with severe disabilities - will never reach her sixteenth birthday.

That privilege was stolen from her (and us) by a gang of Islamist men and women on August 9, 2001. A thunderous, sickening flash of explosives and thousands of flesh-ripping nails destroyed Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria and with it the bodies and lives of fifteen innocents, the majority of them children.

The explosive device was concealed inside a guitar case carried on the back of a man - the human bomb - who was brought to the center of our city - Israel's capital city, Jerusalem - by the engineer of the massacre ["17-Nov-11: A monster walks the streets and she has many accomplices"]. The man who constructed the diabolical guitar-case bomb, and several others similar to it, has haunted our thoughts through the years since we first learned of his monstrous savagery. Abdullah Barghouti, a Kuwaiti with Jordanian citizenship, sits in an Israeli prison cell today, serving 67 life terms to which he was sentenced in a 2004 trial.

From inside, Barghouti has reminded every possible audience of the bestiality that underpins his murderous nature. 66 innocent people killed? Not enough, he declares - explicitly. In 2006, in the intimate setting of a quiet interview beamed throughout the world, Barghouti notoriously said

"I feel bad because the number is only 66. This is the answer you want to hear? Yes, I feel bad because I want more." [Quoted on a CBS site]

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