Sunday, August 17, 2014

Want to know what Hamas is hiding? Hamas sources might be a great place to start.

...Do the dots have to be joined before information of this kind [and this kind too: "Top 9 facts the media wouldn't tell you about Hamas"] appears in our major newspapers and evening news programs? Why exactly is that?

Illustrative image from Shijaiyah, Gaza City,
of the kind that has 
blanketed the global media
coverage of the Hamas war 
waged from Gaza:
massive destruction of buildings,
and nothing
but civilians in sight. Combatants dead or
alive? Look 
elsewhere [Image Source: APA]
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
17 August '14..

It's possible the carnage and destruction that Gaza has endured under Hamas is over for now.

Or not: tonight's reports indicate the Hamas leadership - most of them based away from Gaza in luxurious accommodations - are ready, willing and very publicly anxious for more. See "Hamas rejects Egypt ceasefire terms, vows ‘continued struggle" [Times of Israel, August 16, 2014], as a vivid illustration.

Against that background, we're still waiting for mainstream reporters and their editors at major news-industry channels to finally be upfront and open (i.e. to do what their professional code of ethics requires them to do) about what is known of the Hamas battlefield strategy, in particular as it pertains to (a) Gaza civilian casualties versus combatant casualties and (b) the appetite of the jihadists for more and more and more.

If they lack for source materials, we would like to direct their attention (as one small example among many) to Al-Monitor whose website tonight carries a revealing article translated to excellent English from the original Arabic. It's entitled "Is Hamas' tunnel network still intact?", and broadly speaking the answer is yes. The author is a Gaza based academic, the head of one of the faculties as well as something called the "Press and Information Section" at Gaza's Al Ummah University. Some direct quotes:


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