Thursday, August 7, 2014

Demilitarization is not just border inspections

...Yes, there should be robust border inspection arrangements. But the best border inspection arrangement in the world won't demilitarize the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Aaron Lerner..
IMRA Weekly Commentary..
06 August '14..

It is bizarre that some senior Israeli officials now talk about border inspections as the highlight of demilitarization.

A quick reminder:

Hamas manufactures its missiles inside the Gaza Strip.

All the materials used in manufacturing these missiles - including the fuel that propels them and the explosives in the warheads - are derived from "dual use" materials that have legitimate innocuous civilian uses.

Hamas can make giant leaps in the missile technology (chemical warheads, guided missiles, and more) based almost exclusively on "dual use" materials along with, in the case of some guidance systems, smuggling of very small critical parts that can be carried in by personalities who enjoy a VIP status that enables them to bypass border inspection.

Hamas engages in the preparation of various structures for offensive purposes - concealed launching pads, attack tunnels, and more. All of the equipment and materials used in this activity is "dual use" and have legitimate innocuous civilian uses.

Hamas still has several thousand missiles.

Hamas doesn't claim otherwise.

And this is indeed a very unique situation.

Because usually when demilitarization comes up, the party being "demilitarized" starts out by claiming that they don't have weapons.

Let's keep our eyes on the ball:

Hamas is proud that it has missiles.

The EU, the USA and Egypt all don't think that Hamas should have the missiles.

Israel is already allowing food and medicine into Gaza so that the Gazans won’t starve. We are also restoring electricity service disrupted by attacks from Gaza.

But rebuilding Gaza should require Hamas accepting the fundamental principle of demilitarization.

Not demilitarization as part of a final status agreement to be reached sometime in the future with Israel.

Demilitarization now.

Here's the beauty of the situation as compared to the story of the chemical weapons in Syria:

You don't need a hazmat suit to destroy these missiles.

In fact, the moment Hamas accepts this principle it should take considerably less than 24 hours to coordinate a photo op of the destruction of the first bunch of missiles.

Yes, there should be robust border inspection arrangements.

But the best border inspection arrangement in the world won't demilitarize the Gaza Strip.


Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
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