Monday, August 11, 2014

As the roosters continue to crow from their heaps of rubble

...The blockade remains intact, Hamas' status has deteriorated, and outside actors have demanded the group disarm. Yet, Hamas' roosters continue to crow from their heaps of rubble.

Dr. Reuven Berko..
Israel Hayom..
11 August '14..

Arab mythology maintains that "the rooster crows atop its mound of filth." In other words, the crowing rooster does not agree to alight and fight its enemies, but challenges its opponent from the safety of its refuge of refuse. Hearing Hamas leader Mushir al-Masri's latest statements, that "if Hamas' demands aren't met in Cairo, the rocket fire will continue, causing astounding blows," it is impossible not to harken back to that same old rooster atop his waste, especially as the threats emanate from the mounds of rubble in bloodied Gaza.

Many studies have been written on the lessons of the Arab defeats. Former Israeli military intelligence chief Yehoshafat Harkabi wrote one of the more famous ones, "The Lesson of the Arabs' Defeat." His research discussed how Arab philosophers deluded Arab leaders, leaving them with the inability to admit defeat. That inability in turn inhibited these leaders' capacity to learn from previous wars and crises, thereby making it impossible for them to improve their positions in the future.

Another historian and philosopher, Fouad Ajami, depicted in his book "Dream Palace of the Arabs" a fantasy world of warped reality, in which Arab society and its leaders exist in a kind of parallel universe consisting of fantasies and contradictions, characterized by the enormous gap between lofty ambitions for an Arab breakthrough and the plunge into dismal actuality.

Ajami's composition resembles a false biography of Hamas' leaders. The models of modern suits are bound it seems by the mad uniforms enfolding the legends of Islamic cultural heritage. Their collapse is inevitable against the changing background of the Middle East, which itself has regressed in the fight against radical Islam.

The famous Arabic story about Djoha (also known as Nasreddin) demonstrates Hamas' fantastic lies. When Djoha sought to get a group of "brats" out of his home, he told them a story about a peddler handing out free ice cream on another street. As the brats scattered, Djoha grew anxious and decided to run after them, believing the very lie he himself had fabricated.

So, Hamas is demanding compensation for its purported victory. Hamas, which, as it is written in the Hamas charter (Clause 7), openly seeks to slaughter Jews in Israel, has asked us now to open the border crossings so it can smuggle in advanced weapons via a sea port or an airport in Dahaniya.

As a reminder, Hamas launched this war to end the blockade and pay its terrorists' salaries. Because of Egypt's suffocating measures, Hamas formed a unity government, kidnapped and killed three teenagers in Hebron and planned to take over Judea and Samaria. The result? Israeli damage failed to engender Hamas' salvation. Rather, its infrastructure in Judea and Samaria has been eliminated, its operatives released in the Schalit deal have been returned to prison, Hamas' missiles, the products of immense investment, have been intercepted and reduced to a disturbing pile of scrap metal, most of its hugely expensive tunnels have been destroyed, and with them Hamas' grandiose plan to kill and kidnap a slew of Israelis celebrating the holidays. The houses of Gaza have been leveled and many Gazans have died.

The blockade remains intact, Hamas' status has deteriorated, and outside actors have demanded the group disarm. Yet, Hamas' roosters continue to crow from their heaps of rubble. Another victory like this, and we will have won.


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