Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting some perspective on those Hamas casualty numbers

...It's moments like this that rational people are entitled to ask how it is that the inflammatory, self-serving and often-absurd claims of the jihadists of Hamas are routinely (and correctly) discounted in normal times as being fact-light propaganda... but when there are dead bodies and the rockets of war, politicians and reporters tread oh-so-carefully to avoid any perception that they are favoring one side or the other. At such times, the Hamas disinformation industry, working overtime, finds far too many takers.

December 8, 2012 at the end of a previous battle in this ongoing
war: hundreds of thousands of men, women and children rally to express
support for Hamas' rocket-fueled brand of jihad [Image Source]
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
07 August '14..

For now, at least, we are in the post-battle phase of this latest war with the darkness of Gaza. And as we are sadly accustomed to seeing from past experience, otherwise-reasonable voices are being heard attacking Israel for disproportionately responding to the undoubted-aggression of Hamas and its jihad-minded hordes.

The loudest condemnations stem from a perception that Israel has somehow done much worse than the civilized world demands of itself in causing deaths and suffering among Gaza's innocents. Casualty tables, always based on Hamas estimates, are being quoted with pseudo-righteous indignation along with demands that someone on the Israeli side pay a price. No such indignation appears to have been expressed about the more-than-3,000 rockets fired at Israeli communities with total indiscrimination during the past month.

An article published this morning over at The Tower looks critically at this use of Hamas data, and comes to a very different viewpoint. Here's the full text:


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