Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some words to mark a little-noticed anniversary, Mr. Abbas. You deserve at least this.

Happy anniversary, Mr Abbas. If nothing else, the notable milestones of your career have caused thoughtful people (including us) to pay close attention to speeches of yours that would otherwise probably have been immediately consigned to the garbage.It is rare to find a politician as unafraid as you of owning up to the unvarnished, though little reported truth: that you believe sincerely and deeply in terror: in its utility, in its effectiveness, in its redeeming power.

Manifestly sincere dedication to terror and the
things it does 
for one's career [Image Source] 
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
12 January '14..

It's solemn commemoration time.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of January 9, 2009, the date on which the term of office of Mahmoud Abbas, frequently touted as the democratically-elected president of the Palestinian National Authority and of the self-proclaimed State of Palestine, actually came to an end.

January 9, 2009 also happens to be the date on which Mahmoud Abbas unilaterally extended his presidential term, and has continued to extend it ever since.

(Alert readers might wonder why they don't read this sort of thing on the front page of the New York Times or the website of BBC World Service. We sort of have no idea.)

In honour of the anniversary, we want to take this opportunity to remind readers of how Abbas and the group of Palestinian Arab insiders who have made out like thieves (just an expression) while controlling the perpetually-crippled PA economy, view the actions of the people we mentioned in several blog posts of the past fortnight.

Which posts and which people? We mean the people mentioned here, all of them from the two weeks just ended:


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