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Psychopathic Self Abhorrence, the Soldier and the Refusenik

...We, my friends and I, we protested last week. We held up signs that said “False” and “Inaccurate” every time the lecturers said something incorrect. We shouted out, we booed, we asked questions, we were defiant. And we will keep being defiant and you should too.

Chloe Valdary..
Times of Israel..
19 January '14..

Maya Wind and Eran Efrati are alleged peace activists who are touring the country and warning university students about the sins of the Jewish people. They call themselves “The Soldier and the Refusenik; and my friends and I had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing them lecture at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Efrati, a former IDF soldier who now hates both the IDF and his own country, talks a good game. He begins his introduction to the students with a well rehearsed sentimental story of how he was a sweet naive soldier who, in a desire to see love and peace between Arabs and Jews develop, offered candy to a young Arab child, in Hebron. Later, allegedly, in a random house drawing exhibition on the part of the IDF, Efrati finds himself in that same boy’s house. After making the mistake of pointing a gun at the child and, due to his own negligence, getting the boy’s father arrested, Efrati apparently then sees the proverbial light, and decides to fight against Israel, Zionism, and the self-determination of his own people. All because of his own stupidity which he of course blames on the very existence of the Jewish state. So, like most psychopaths, he blames his own pathologies on a completely unrelated entity, namely Israel, and to justify this action, makes up stories about the Zionist state. For example, He laments the checkpoints, which keep Israelis, both Jews and Arabs, safe from terror attacks. He says checkpoints are axiomatic proof of “apartheid,” (which by this standard means that the JFK airport is proof of American “apartheid” as well).

Wind is of a slightly different flavor. She refused to serve in the IDF from the onset and served some jail time in Israel, where she apparently discovered that Israel hates all people of color; the proof of this, she says, is the fact that she was only one of a few Ashkenazi Jews in jail. See, Wind is a product of that insidious paradigmatic worldview which posits that the world is divided into blacks and whites, or rather, whites and non-whites, and every white person is naturally inclined to be prejudiced, (which, is itself an inherently prejudiced notion), and every non-white person is inevitably a victim of his white counterpart’s prejudice. Thus any attempt to point out terrorism or oppression in Palestinian Arab society is itself an act of racism, in Wind’s simplistic and ironically racist view of the world. She is an ideologue that bends reality to fit her notion of justice. Thus she has no problem peddling lies to her audience and substituting historical facts for mythical nonsense. So, for example, the historical fact of the movement of European Jewry to Eretz Yisrael becomes “Zionism was only made for Ashkenazi Jews.” The fact that almost 100,000 Palestinian Arabs are allowed to work in Israel in order to support their families becomes “Palestinian slave labor exists in Israel.” It is a tactic of deceit and downright fabrication foisted on an unsuspecting and often impressionable audience who knows little to nothing of the Middle East, let alone, Israel.

But what’s worse is that these are Jews who are rabidly anti-Semitic. The United States State Department defines anti-Semitism in part as, “especially but not exclusively, [perpetrating] the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.” Efrati feeds into this sentiment, by actually contending that there is a vast worldwide conspiracy going on, a hotbed of collaboration between the United States Police force and the state of Israel “globalizing and training to oppress us, globally.” The state department also defines anti-Semitism as “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist. In the lecture. Efrati called for the “boycott divestment and sanction of the laboratory that is Israel.” On his facebook page, he says, “I promised myself that I will not support the Zionist apartheid regime anymore and will take an active part in overthrowing it to the trash can of history.” This is anti-Semitism, pure and simple. And it is unacceptable.

So now Efrati and Wind are touring around the country promoting anti-Semitic nonsense on universities and campuses. According to their website, in the upcoming months they will be in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California and Washington. These lectures taking place, especially if they are taking place on universities and college campuses must be boycotted and, if possible, legal action against such organizations that host such people should be taken. More often than not, schools have anti-discrimination policies that prohibit discrimination against students based on national origin. Hosting Efrati and Wind on campus is a direct violation of such policy. Thus, if students find out they are coming, they should approach their respective college administrations and take appropriate action against them.

This is not 1939. The Jewish People Live. No amount of preaching of anti-Semitic propaganda on college campuses will ever be effective, so long as we in the Zionist community fight back. No amount of lies and hatred spewed out of the mouths of cowards and traitors to their own people will ever keep us silent. We, my friends and I, we protested last week. We held up signs that said “False” and “Inaccurate” every time the lecturers said something incorrect. We shouted out, we booed, we asked questions, we were defiant. And we will keep being defiant and you should too. If you ever find out anything like this is happening in your community, speak up, take action, fight back; we must never be made to go down the dark road of pogroms and anti-Jewish laws again, not here, not elsewhere, not ever. But it can start with a pamphlet. It can start with a book. It can start with an anti-Israel organization or a lecture on a college campus in New Orleans, Louisiana. So stand up and be counted. Zion, rise up.


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