Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finally, fully justified outrage from State Dept about killers being released to do more terrorism but...

...Sadly for us, State's people happen to be fuming about a political figure who has very little to do with the 104 killers whose releases are the cause of so much rejoicing and cynical ceremony-holding in Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority kingdom.

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
12 January '14..

People whose lives have been personally damaged by the deeds of terrorists tend to be far more aware of the terrorist threats in their various forms.

The victims of terror also pay much closer attention than others to the frequently silly and/or politically motivated statements of public figures about terrorism. As we see it (and the murder of our fifteen year-old daughter places us solidly within the terror victims category), terrorism is mostly understood in shallow and factually-wrong ways, a reality that leads to cynical manipulation by people with power in the media and in political life. This has very serious consequences for all of us - not just for us victims.

Israel began a multi-stage process of releasing convicted Palestinian Arab murderers, all of them by common agreement terrorists, in the middle of 2013. Three release events have happened. A fourth is due in March. There is no doubt, to anyone following this sad process as closely as we do, that this has happened because the US State Department, under John Kerry, has wanted it to happen. The US strategy, and the government of Israel's willingness to go along with it rather than push back against the pressure from Washington is dismaying. The protests, accompanied by negligible media coverage, have attracted crowds overwhelmingly comprised of people who were themselves attacked by terrorists or whose family members were injured or killed in terror attacks.


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