Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jon Stewart and the funny side of the Iranian regime's nuclear threat

...Even if you strip away his vile slanders, the basic message of Stewart’s rant, like that of other defenders of the rush to rapprochement with Iran, is something much more basic: they genuinely don’t care about Iran’s lies or about the deadly nature of the Iranian nuclear threat. They just want the issue to go away...

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This is the second time today we're leaning on something written by Jonathan Tobin in Commentary Magazine. Bear with us - we think you will agree that what he says deserves exposure and analysis.

He asks a pretty timely question (the words are ours): Why are so many smart, educated people ready to buy into Iran’s current PR campaign?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech [on Wednesday at the Davos Forum in Switzerland] sounded all the familiar Western-friendly themes that he has used throughout his charm offensive... Iran doesn’t want nuclear weapons and seeks only peaceful reconciliation with the West... Most of the foreign-policy wonks and government officials in attendance... were only too happy to buy into his talk of “prudent moderation” and “constructive engagement”... Israel was alone in pouring cold water on the festivities, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the bad manners to note that Rouhani’s peaceful rhetoric was, in reality, belied by his country’s ongoing nuclear project, its ballistic missile program, its support for international terrorism, and its daily calls for Israel’s destruction.

He points out that Americans seem to be falling for the "transparent deceptions" of the Iranian regime and wonders aloud how, given all we know about their sickening involvement in some truly appalling things, this can possibly be.

The answer doesn’t come from Davos but rather what preceded the international gathering last week in a segment on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart’s political comedy is a reliable barometer of what liberals are thinking... On Iran, Stewart has gone all out for the administration’s embrace of Rouhani.

He illustrates his argument with a segment from a recent Stewart monologue entitled “Let’s Break a Deal”. All a person needs to know about why so many in the West refuse to give serious thought to the Iranian nuclear threat is there, says Tobin. Despite interweaving the analysis with some Justin Bieber references, he's pretty much right.


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