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Today's Winner of "The Quote of the Day", Mohammad Hammad

What Mr. Hammad needs to learn is that those days are over. The Day of the Dhimmi is Done and the Jews are now a free people.

Michael Lumish..
Israel Thrives..
11 December '13..

In honor of Mr. Hammad we are starting a new feature here at Israel Thrives imaginatively called "The Quote of the Day."

I think that we may end up getting a few more from Mr. Hammad going forward, but we shall see. The real point is, though, to show the kind of thing that we face. The hatred, the propaganda, the lies, the lack of any historical context.

Here is the quote taken from an Algemeiner article on November 26.

You know what?

Israelis ARE colonizers, there is literally no way around it

And you know what else?

My heroes HAVE always killed colonizers

I literally see nothing wrong with this and my only regret is that not all colonizers were killed

- Mohammad Hammad, president of San Francisco State Universities' General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS)

Does anyone for even an instant believe that when Hammad refers to Israelis that he means Israeli Arabs? Of course, not. He clearly means Jews. It could hardly be more obvious.

The real problem is that Hammad, and many millions of others, have been taught the Big Lie by Arab and Soviet propagandists that has now become "common knowledge." They honestly think that the Holocaust survivors who fought to get into Israel after World War II, whose ancestors had lived on that land two thousand years before the Arab invasion, are insidious "colonizers."

This is why it is imperative to discuss the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East within the historical context of Arab-Muslim imperialism and colonization throughout that the part of the world and the subjugation of its native peoples under the repressive boot of dhimmitude.

Until such a time as the Jewish community, both diasporic and Israeli, figure out that discussing the conflict within the context of Jewish history under thirteen centuries of Arab and Persian rule is the only way that we can make our case, we will constantly get little monsters like Mr. Hammad screeching for Jewish blood.

What people need to understand is that the movement for Jewish liberation was a movement by a long subjugated people for freedom from the violent domination of the Arab-Muslim majority; a movement that succeeded well beyond anyone's imagination in 1948.

The truth of the matter is that it is not the Jews who are "colonizers" in the Middle East, but the Arabs, themselves, who colonized that part of the world and often did so in an exceedingly brutal fashion after the death of Muhammed in the 7th century.

Certainly the Jewish experience under Muslim rule was generally horrific.

For thirteen long centuries throughout the Muslim Middle East an Arab could bludgeon a Jew, but it was illegal for the Jew to fight back. We had no means of self-defense. We had virtually no access to a judicial system. We were not allowed to ride horses in certain places. We were sometimes not even allowed out of our homes on rainy days so as not to pollute the streets with our alleged Jewish filth.

What Mr. Hammad needs to learn is that those days are over.

The Day of the Dhimmi is Done and the Jews are now a free people.


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