Monday, December 16, 2013

A predetermined narrative of Israeli oppression and Palestinian victimhood is assured

...Of course, Harriet Sherwood wouldn’t have considered writing a careful, sober and nuanced story comparing health care policies – including blood donation guidelines – in the region, any more than she would consider devoting more coverage to the injurious effects of Palestinian antisemitism and incitement on efforts currently under way to bring about a peace deal.

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15 December '13..

In Harriet Sherwood’s nearly three and a half years as the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent – an assignment which includes frequent visits to cities such as Ramallah, Bethlehem and Gaza City – she hasn’t devoted even one stand-alone story to the disturbingly ubiquitous antisemitism which permeates Palestinians society.

In attempting to contextualize the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Sherwood consistently fails to inform her readers of the racist and often violent vitriol directed against Jews – not Israelis, but Jews – by Palestinian political and religious leaders. Indeed, if Sherwood was at all curious about the disturbing volume of hate and intolerance which inspires much of the ideological energy of Palestinian nationalism, all she – or any journalist sincerely interested in fairly covering the region – would need to do is visit websites of organizations which research and meticulously translate and document this phenomenon.

But, as anyone who’s been following this blog would surely know, Harriet Sherwood cannot fairly be described as a “reporter” in the traditional sense - as the word typically refers to someone committed to fairly, accurately and dispassionately conveying the full story. As with so many of her colleagues at the Guardian, Sherwood is more akin to an advocate – someone whose agenda-driven reports accurately reflect the increasingly blurred line within the mainstream media between journalism and activism.


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