Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Any reason why the BBC stopped reporting on the Israel-PLO peace talks?

...We can, however, anticipate that the BBC’s current ‘snooze mode’ will come to an abrupt end should the talks break down and that liberal sprinklings of the term ‘settlements’ will garnish the bulk of BBC reports ‘contextualising’ the subject.

Hadar Sela..
BBC Watch..
25 December '13..

As readers may have noticed, the BBC’s interest in the ongoing talks between Israel and the PLO seems to have waned dramatically in recent months. The cacophony of articles, backgrounders and Q&As produced around late July gave way to ‘snooze mode’ punctuated only by the occasional resurgence of interest in events such as the release of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons in August and October.

In early November, Yolande Knell produced a report on the subject of the Jordan Valley but recent related developments have been completely ignored by the BBC.

In early December the US Secretary of State arrived once again in the Middle East to propose a plan to address the issue of the Jordan Rift Valley and the related security concerns. According to reports, Kerry’s proposal included an IDF presence along the border with Jordan for a period of several years after the establishment of a Palestinian state, with future developments conditional on the security situation.


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