Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pinocchio dropped-out. A whopping Palestinian Arab lie gets even bigger!

Barghouti is lying. The Irish Times is gullible. And so is the rest of the world.

Elder of Ziyon..
11 December '13..

I have noted in the past an absurd statistic, given by some Palestinian Arab NGOs like Addameer and repeated by the UN and others like The Lancet and Jimmy Carter.

They claimed that over 650,000 - and then 750,000 - and then 800,000 and even 900,000 Palestinian Arabs have been jailed by Israel since 1967.

I've proven that these statistics were complete fiction. Every Israeli arrest is documented by PCHR, and they average about 25 arrests a week, which would make at most 1300 a year - but for these numbers to be increasing as fast as they claim in recent years, there would need to be over 50,000 people not just arrested but jailed every year!

(There are about 5000 Palestinian Arabs in Israeli jails, a number that has been pretty consistent for the past couple of years.)

Now, Mustafa Barghouti in Irish Times beats everyone else in his ability to lie:


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