Sunday, February 24, 2019

The U.S. is now calling for Israel to apologize to Poland for Katz’s statement. And Washington is right. - by Caroline Glick

...Hopefully, someday, Poland will reconcile itself with the historical truth of its people’s dubious and decidedly mixed record of behavior towards the Jews during the Holocaust. And Israel cannot accept revision of the historic record. But Israel also has important interests in the world. Those interests are best advanced by working with like-minded countries. And in issues that matter, along a wide spectrum of areas, Poland is a like-minded country. Israel should treat it accordingly.

Caroline Glick..
22 February '19..

Israel is in the midst of a diplomatic crisis with Poland, one of its best friends in Europe. The regrettable events that led to a breach in the burgeoning alliance, based on a shared perception of interests, owe mainly to the inexperience of Israel’s Acting Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz.

On Sunday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as Israel’s Defense Minister, announced that he was appointing Katz to serve as acting foreign minister. Netanyahu had held the portfolio until then. He appointed Katz in response to a petition to the Supreme Court asking Israel’s activist justices to order Netanyahu to give at least one of the senior ministries to someone else, in light of their critical importance.

At the height of an election season, appointing Katz, a heavyweight in Netanyahu’s Likud Party made sense. Katz, the long serving transportation minister, placed second in the Likud’s party primaries, and promoting him was a sure win among the party faithful.

Unfortunately, Katz apparently didn’t understand that diplomacy requires different skills than highway maintenance.

Katz walked into his new job just as the latest brushfire with Poland was being extinguished.

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