Friday, December 28, 2018

Who would've thought? Haaretz Op-Eds argue IDF soldiers are terrorists, Israeli vandals are KKK - by Hanan Amiur

Kobi Niv replied to Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew site: You apparently didn’t understand the article and I have no intention of explaining it to you. Read it again, perhaps you’ll figure it out.

Hanan Amiur..
25 December '18..

Within a week, Haaretz has managed to publish two Op-Eds demonizing Israel with main arguments based on blatant lies. Namely, shortly after recent West Bank terror attacks which targeted soldiers and civilians, and which claimed the lives of soldiers and a prematurely born infant, Haaretz argues that Hamas is a legitimate guerilla organization. And after Israelis were apparently responsible for vandalizing Palestinian property, a Haaretz column maintains there’s a “flourishing of the Jewish KKK,” that is similar to the American KKK “at its height.”

In the first Op-Ed, Haaretz contributor Kobi Niv claims that the Dec. 13 terror attack in Givat Assaf, near the settlement of Ofra, in which two IDF soldiers were killed, is “a legitimate action according to any law” because the attack targeted “an occupying army” (“Shooting at soldiers of occupation is legitimate,” Dec. 21).

Kobi Niv is lying.

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