Wednesday, December 5, 2018

When They Say ‘From the River to the Sea’, What Palestinians Want, and In Their Own Words - by Elder of Ziyon

...If there is any iota of evidence that Palestinians can govern themselves in a more tolerant way than any other Arab state, I am anxious to hear about it. And if there is any evidence that a Palestinian state would treat its minorities better than Israel does, by all means enlighten me. The very idea is ludicrous, and even Israel’s most fervent critics couldn’t say with a straight face that a Palestinian state would be more inclusive than Israel is today. This means that the people screaming “from the river to the sea” aren’t interested in equal rights. They are antisemitic, plain and simple.

Elder of Ziyon..
05 December '18..

The Forward has a piece from Maha Nassar claiming that the phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” really means a country where Jews have equal rights with Arabs in all respects. She says that Zionists are purposefully choosing the interpretation of that phrase that Hamas uses — one where Jews have no place in the land.

She is correct in saying that Fatah has never explicitly said that it would force Jews out of the land (although she concedes many might want to leave). That is probably true. But that is a long way from pretending that Jews would have the same equal rights in “Palestine” that Arabs in Israel do today.

So assuming that Fatah represents “mainstream” Palestinian thought (even though Hamas did win the only real elections they ever had), what is Fatah’s goal?

First of all, their goal is not the two-state solution. The 2009 Fatah platform, which is still in effect, says: “The objectives, principles and methods stipulated in the first chapter of the basic law (charter) of Fatah remain the key elements of our Movement and part of the intellectual and political entity of our people.”

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of the Fatah charter:

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