Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Atlantic Sends “A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers” But Unfortunately Forgets to Give Him GPS - - by Karen Bekker

Ali should be applauded for going to the settlements and speaking candidly with Jews and Arabs alike. But, there is a selectivity in the information he’s chosen to relay to his audience, which ultimately skews the picture he presents to his readers as well as his own conclusions.

Karen Bekker..
29 June '18..

The June 2018 issue of The Atlantic includes a feature by Wajahat Ali titled, “A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers.” It’s an 8-part, 9500 word article, with each part dedicated to a different West Bank or Jerusalem neighborhood or town in which Ali talks to the residents.

There are a lot of positives in the lyrically written piece, not least that Mr. Ali attempted this feat at all. I appreciated his candid admissions that for the Muslim Student Association at his alma mater UC Berkeley, “the conflict in the Holy Land superseded all other Muslim suffering,” and that “many Palestinians I encountered [while in the West Bank] think of the people in Tel Aviv as settlers as well.” He directly quoted one of his subjects saying she “wants all the Israelis ‘to go back where they came from.’” It bears noting that Ali has suffered repercussions for writing the piece.

There are, however, some factual problems, and his conclusions are based on some untested assumptions that warrant scrutiny.

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