Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Israel On Fire and the NY Times - by Jerold Auerbach

...For Halbfinger, there was no reality — only competing versions of truth. His tweets described “plumes of smoke billowing from [Israeli] farmland” and “vast stretches of scorched [Israeli] earth.” He reported “repeated efforts to inflict harm on the Israelis” with the qualifier “military officials said.” But “the kites seem like child’s play” — at least until their “flaming tails turn them into weapons.” Halbfinger prudently kept his distance from such “child’s play.”

Jerold Auerbach..
10 July '18..

“All the News That’s Fit to Print,” the venerable motto of The New York Times ever since publisher Adolph Ochs made it his newspaper’s pledge in 1896, has become malleable over time. The most egregious violation of its pledge came during World War II when the Holocaust, in the title of Laurel Leff’s scathing indictment, was Buried by the Times. While every newspaper must be selective about what it reports, when it comes to Israel the Times occasionally bends over backward to evade a story that might otherwise challenge its liberal base — and bias.

To the Times, Israelis are now the bad guys, perpetual perpetrators of harm to innocent Palestinians. A prime example is the Times‘ omission of the damage inflicted by Hamas-inspired kite terrorism from Gaza. Last month, it provided four-column front page photo coverage of a dead Gazan baby brought to the border by a family member and reported (falsely) to have died from inhaling tear gas fired by Israel. But its reporting of the damage from Hamas rockets, and fire kites and balloons, to kibbutz farm land and nature preserves has been less than minimal.

Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief David Halbfinger, joined by reporter Isabel Kershner, made their favored story line clear early on.

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