Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Israel has the duty to protect its citizens. Our European duty is to stand in solidarity with Israel and its people. - by Uwe Becker

As long as the Palestinians do not stop their industry of death, the EU must freeze any aid it gives them. The Mayor of Frankfurt, Germany, in a special column

Uwe Becker..
17 July '18..

Israel has not only the right to defend itself, but the Israeli government has the duty to protect its citizens.

Over the past hours, days and weeks, the terror organization Hamas has set hundreds and hundreds of acres of farming fields in the South of Israel on fire. Hamas has sent firebombs to homes of Israeli families and attacked Israeli children, women and men with a hailstorm of mortars and rockets.

Hamas has organized and orchestrated violent mass riots along the border fence to Israel with the declared aim to break the fence and infiltrate the country for another wave of terror against Israeli civilians. It is the worst terror since the last escalation in 2014.

Hamas destroyed the border crossing at Kerem Shalom, through which the Gaza Strip is supplied with food, goods and medicine for the Palestinian people. But Hamas doesn’t care for its own people. For the corrupt Hamas leaders, their own people, Palestinians who also seek peace, freedom and prosperity, are just figures on their playing board.

The bad social and economic situation of Gaza is not the result of Israeli policy, but of the violent Hamas regime, that is governing the Gaza strip since violently overthrowing the Fatah in 2007 after Israel withdrew in 2005.

Democracy, the rule of law, equal rights for women and men and the freedom of opinion, of press and of religion end where the political responsibility of the Palestinian organizations begins, although most of the Palestinian women, men and children long for freedom, peace and security in the same way that Israelis do.

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