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Why “Settler-Colonial” Israel Needs The Palestinian Arabs - by Sheri Oz

...Wolfe established his reputation by studying the settler-colonialist society of Australia. Might have been nice had he restricted applying his “penetrative insight” to what he knew best – Australia. Because he obviously knew nothing about Jews if he could say that the differences between Mizrachim and Ashkenazim are greater than our commonalites. Unfortunately, the truth matters not a whit if you can find a way to have a lie demonize The Jewish People.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
29 November '17..

Without them, our whole “settler-colonial” society would collapse from within, according to a world renowned scholar.

Patrick Wolfe (1949-2016) was an Australian anthropologist; he seems to be one of the founders of colonialism studies. It is him we have to thank for having popularized the preposterous idea that Israel is a European settler-colonial project, one that has evidently captured the imaginations of historians and other scholars who hate Jews. His work fulfills their need for something seemingly academic upon which to heap their vile and to elegantly express their wish to see the demise of Jewish sovereignty over our indigenous homeland.

In a forum dedicated just to him, we find the following amazing concept:

The existence of Mizrahim or Arab Jews, and their position in unequal relations of power with Ashkenazi or European Jews, mean that the Palestinian ‘other’ is required to maintain the illusory homogeneity and unity of the Israeli state. As Wolfe’s penetrative insight explains,

‘Israel cannot survive without its Palestinians. Without the Palestinians – which is to say, when everyone is Jewish – the Mizrahim once again become Arabs…When everything is Jewish, difference itself becomes Jewish – a return to the precise condition that Zionism sought to suppress in order to build a nation out of groups of people whose differences from one another were greater than their commonalities’.

Now if I thought that Wolfe was a Moslem, I might say that he was projecting here.

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