Sunday, November 19, 2017

Apparently Jews Are From Mars . . . Or Perhaps From Ross 128? - by Sheri Oz

...When I am feeling almost totally drained by the hatred, I feel like calling out: “Beam me up, Moishele!” But that moment passes and I know that Israel is in my heart and in my soul and there is no place else that I am from but here.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
16 November '17..

Well, not really Ross 128 itself, because Ross 128 is a star. Like our own sun, it is a star that has a planet near it that looks habitable. Astronomers have not yet named Ross 128’s nearby, possibly-habitable-planet. But since Mars does not seem to be able to sustain human life, then let us assume that Jews are from that planet circling Ross 128. Unless you do not really believe that Jews are human, in which case we really could be from Mars.

But why all this discussion about the extraterrestrial origin of the Jews? Because we apparently do not come from anywhere on Earth. If you believe the antisemites spewing anti-Israeli propaganda, then you believe that all the ancient archeological artifacts found in the Land of Israel are not relics of Judaism but, rather, of the ancient peoples from whom the Palestinian Arabs claim they are descended. That means that the Jews are colonizers and occupiers in Israel — we are really Europeans, you see. (I do not know how we are supposed to classify the Jews from Arab lands, but, regarded by some as second-class Jews in Israel, they may not matter much to anyone anyway. So we can just ignore them, even if they are about half of our population. :-J )

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