Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why I Won’t Join An Israeli-“Palestinian” Peace Organization (Yet) by Sheri Oz

...When I see Arabs organize peace marches in the PA demanding the cessation of terrorist acts against Jews, when I see more of them coming out publicly and calling for concessions to Israel instead of only demands from her, when I see them pull down their own corrupt leaders and reclaim the stolen billions of dollars and use it to start building the healthy infrastructure...

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
09 May '17..

I wonder if, in order to be invited to take part in conjoint “Palestinian”-Israeli make-nice meetings, I have to stop writing “Palestinian” in quotation marks and I have to agree that Israel is “occupying” the so-called disputed lands. In other words, I need to accept their “narrative” and discard my history in order to be considered pro-peace.

I do not see the point of joining any “peace” organization that includes Israelis and “Palestinian” Arabs before we see such a group rise up from within the “Palestinian” Arab population itself and not because some Jews reached out to them and offered them an olive branch on bended knees. Perhaps if I could read and understand Arabic I would find the evidence that so far eludes me regarding independent “Palestinian” Arab pro-peace initiatives that promote accepting us Jews as their neighbours.

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