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Academics, Lies and Palestinian Identity: Beginning A Serious Study - by Sheri Oz

...Unfortunately for the rest of us, when academics lie and when academic journals publish their lies, non-academics believe the lies: in this case, the lie that a Palestinian identity existed before Yasser Arafat made it politically expedient and fashionable to believe it did.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diarries..
23 May '17..

In a discussion about a supposed long-standing Palestinian identity, a Facebook friend asked me to provide him with primary sources that would allow him to re-examine his assumptions. I decided to look into academic studies that might help shed light on this topic.

The first article that I opened was a paper written by George Washington University’s Anthropology Department faculty member, Ilana Feldman. Published in 2008, it was called: “Refusing Invisibility: Documentation and Memorialization in Palestinian Refugee Claims“.

On the second page of the article, Feldman makes the following statement:

Screenshot of page 499 from Feldman’s article published in the Journal of Refugee Studies.

That first sentence, “Before 1948, Palestine was recognized as a state”, has no reference to back up where she gets this ridiculous idea from. (I somehow doubt that she included Jordan in this “already recognized Palestine”.) But let us leave historical falsification aside for a moment and play a what-if game.

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