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Actually, the Two State Solution Is Immoral, Racist And Inhumane To The Arabs - by Sheri Oz

...I am NOT talking about Israel’s security and I am NOT talking about us leaving our holy sites in their hands (even though I am against this) — I am talking about the humanitarian crisis that would characterize the lives of those left behind the wall that would mark the permanent border between us and them.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
26 May '17..

I wouldn’t wish the Two State Solution on my worst enemies. Yet that is what leftist organizations in Israel and abroad are doing – wishing the Two State Solution on our neighbours. They cry out for us to stop the “occupation”, arguing that the occupation is immoral and oppressive to the Arabs living in the Palestinian Authority (PA). They want us to separate from the Palestinian Arabs, with them on one side of a permanent border and us on the other side. They claim that this is the only humane way to preserve the Jewish majority and democracy in Israel and at the same time provide the Palestinian Arabs with the autonomy to which they think they have some kind of right.

Yet the autonomy they offer is a sub-state. Granted, it would be called The State of Palestine, but it would not patrol its own border with Jordan, for example, (Israel would) and it will not be allowed to have an army. Whether or not it will have an airport remains to be seen, and the huge numbers of currently internationally recognized “refugees” will not be allowed in. The only way for the PA to sign such a humiliating “peace treaty” would be for the Arabs to finally accept that they were defeated by Israel in 1967. If this is the deal, then it will be largely a capitulation by the Arabs, largely a unilateral deal not all that different from when we unilaterally left Gaza.

And we only have to look to Gaza to see what is immoral, racist and inhumane to the Arabs living there after we divorced them.

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