Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Legacy of Ilan and Asaf Ramon - by Forest Rain

...The strength she found in herself are a shining example to us all. What our nation lost with the deaths of Ilan and Asaf, Rona is planting in the next generations. Thanks to her, their legacy lives. Thanks to her Israel will have more people who have the values and aspirations Ilan and Asaf had.

Rona Ramon, speaking at a Space Convention
Forest Rain..
Inspiration from Zion..
01 February '17..

The re-entry of a space shuttle isn’t supposed to look like that.

February 1st 2003. I was sitting in front of the tv with tears rolling down my face. My heart understood what my brain had not yet comprehended…

It was one of the things you can never un-see. White pieces streaking across the sky, spreading further and further apart from each other.

I watched the eyes of Major General Eitan Ben Eliyahu (retired) grow large. Sweat beaded on his face. He was seeing the same images I was seeing but he understood them much better than I did.

It was his friend, a pilot once under his command, that was inside the space shuttle we saw explode.

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