Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Surprise? NY Times Hypes Australia Opposition to Netanyahu Visit - by Ira Stoll

...One could get 60 genuinely notable Americans to write a letter criticizing the New York Times’ coverage of Israel, and it almost certainly wouldn’t generate a full New York Times article with two photographs under a headline asserting “Times Coverage of Israel Is Met With Opposition.” It’s only certain sorts of opposition where even “small” groups of protesters are met with favorable and extensive Times coverage — a clue, as if any more where needed, to where the newspaper stands when it comes to Israel’s prime minister and the country he was elected to lead.

Ira Stoll..
21 February '17..

Before Prime Minister Netanyahu even begins his visit to Australia, the New York Times is out with an article amplifying the voices of his critics in that country while minimizing his supporters.

I can understand the impulse to preview the trip, though it’s hard to think of a world leader other than President Trump or Pope Francis whose international travels are subject to such extensive scrutiny by the Times.

What’s strange is the way the Times goes out of its way to more or less declare the trip a failure before it even happens. What was “intended to be a warm meeting,” the Times claims, “is generating a bit of pushback. Sixty notable Australians, including political, religious, cultural and business figures, have signed a letter opposing Mr. Netanyahu’s visit because of his government’s policies toward the Palestinians. And small groups of protesters have demonstrated in Melbourne and Canberra against the visit.”

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