Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Arab elites, Israeli medicine and a dose of hypocrisy - by Arnold Roth

...We wish the PA President-for-Life's brother a speedy and full recovery. And, as we have done before, we express our hopes that the Palestinian Arabs will manage to eventually achieve a complete and rapid separation from an iron-fisted, ideologically-crazed leadership which has never hesitated to impose cruel hardships on its own society while reserving to well-connected insiders the privilege of engaging with the Zionist Entity when it suits them personally.

Abbas, now in 12th year of a presidential term
expired in 2009: Man of principle
[Image Source: EPA]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
13 April '16..

People who expressed deep hostility to Jews and to Israel used to be termed antisemites.

But life got more complicated and nuanced; ugly labels started becoming burdensome. So the haters updated their language. They adopted poses that masked the bigotry in fancier words that vaguely hinted at higher principles.

None of this is new to anyone following the evolution of BDS, the political-sounding bigotry that tries to disguise a passion for eliminating the world's one Jewish country by the use of words - boycotts, sanctions, divestment - that make it seem like a New Age business strategy.

But a closer look at who does it and how they do it soon uncovers the hypocrisy and lying that animate it. It's simply the world's oldest hatred in social media garb, and no one should be surprised that Jews are involved in it too. The passions motivating BDS map to deep, visceral and tragically familiar hatreds and resentments.

But even as the BDS herd pours its scorn on Israeli cosmetic companies, Israeli packaged-salad purveyors, Israeli academics and their universities, Israeli chocolate makers, life-saving and life-enhancing Israeli medicines, there's one demographic that isn't playing along: the political and business fat-cats of the Palestinian Arab world. Buying into BDS as if they really meant it would simply be too uncomfortable.

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