Wednesday, April 6, 2016

96 years of Arab-on-Jew terror and lessons still not learned

...We say that no fig-leaf, not even one as widely-spouted as "never forget the occupation", can adequately conceal the moral nakedness of critics for whom the thought of a national dimension to Jewish peoplehood is literally unbearable. Or the vile, racist bigotry of religious leaders like Salah for whom the Jewish neighbours around them are "filth" that needs to be "vomited".

Hebron 1929: A Jewish survivor
of the Arab massacre 
mourns. Even
today, voices seek to deny the terror 

and absurdly connect it to 'occupation'
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
05 April '16..

Much of the hostile commentary ripping into Israel in its conflict with the Arabs comes from people with an exceedingly thin grasp of history. This is a problem for those of us open to dialogue because an incredible proportion of the haters of Israel are often as dumb as a boot about how we got to where we are today.

Moshe Arens, a veteran of Israel's political scene now in his nineties who was raised in the United States, has an essay in yesterday's Haaretz under the title "The Changing Face of Palestinian Terror". Reflecting on his decades of exceptionally-well-informed, insider experience (minister of defence in three governments, a term as foreign minister, a professor of aeronautics, and Israel's ambassador to Washington in the eighties), he refers back to how things were in the very early days:

From the attack by Arab mobs wielding hatchets and knives on the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem in 1920 to recent attempts by Arab youngsters to knife individual Jews, we have witnessed 96 years of terror acts waged by Palestinian Arabs against the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel.

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