Friday, April 15, 2016

Apart from jihad-minded children with knives and an axe-wielding attacker....

...With much greater confidence, we can say this pair of boys will now become poster children for the hopes and passions of a Palestinian Arab culture that cherishes the shedding of infidel blood, and glorifies violence directed at foes whom they demonize in their school books, places of worship and public spaces.

The aftermath of today's axe attack on Israelis
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Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
14 April '16..

There has been an outbreak of local news stories reporting on a decline in the number of attempted terror attacks [for instance "Surge in Palestinian attacks waning" from Deutsche Welle; "All Indications Are That the Intifada Is Waning" from Haaretz; "How The ‘Stabbing Intifada’ Wound Down" from an Australian journal.

So not surprisingly...

An IDF serviceman came under axe attack this afternoon (Thursday) afternoon near the Al-Aroub refugee camp, south of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Thanks to quick defensive thinking, the attacker was shot dead and no injuries are reported on the Israeli side; the helmet of the Israeli soldier fortunately protected his head from the kind of thing that is ordinarily done by a swinging axe.....

Haaretz reports that Israel Police personnel thwarted an additional terror attack on Israelis today when they found a pair of knives and a meat cleaver concealed inside the clothing of two young Palestinian Arabs they stopped for questioning in Jerusalem's Old City....

Tragically, and not for the first time, today's would-be jihadists are about 12 years old. In the atmosphere created by the Palestinian Authority's ongoing descent into barbarism, even pre-teen children are stopped and questioned when suspicions are aroused, and for awfully good reasons.

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