Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Speeding car, Israeli victims: a terrorist's fast path to martyrdom

...Not really comprehending the ethics and values of Palestinian Arab society, we can only say one thing with real confidence about the life and death of yesterday's bogus "martyr": the promoters of the hatred he embodied will make sure - via posters, news articles, YouTube and Twitter - that he will be emulated by others.

Looking down at the scene of Monday's
terror attack in Jerusalem
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
15 December '15..

A video clip posted to YouTube overnight by an Arabic news agency [here] calls yesterday's deliberate running down of ordinary Israelis waiting for a bus by a young man sitting inside his speeding car a "heroic operation".

It's not an aberration: the passion for terror has erased all the remaining red lines in Palestinian Arab society.

Monday's attacker, a young man with a life of promise and (we assume with confidence) a Jerusalem-resident Israeli ID card, was shot by several armed by-standers, including security personnel, before he could get out of the smashed vehicle and do more harm with the axe and knife he brought along evidently for that purpose. The car's license plates were standard black-on-yellow Israeli [as this photo shows].

His funeral and the family's mourning tent in the coming few days (in Hebron, not Jerusalem) will probably provide further opportunities for elevating his wasted life to the kind of transcendental status that Palestinian Arab society so loves to honor.

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