Monday, December 21, 2015

Can you imagine? Palestinian "Expert" claims 10,000 year old bread that never existed

...of course, most Palestinian Arabs are not descended from Natufians or Canaanites or Jebusites or any of the other nations they claim. They are, after all, Arabs - from Arabia (and many from elsewhere.) Their eating this bread shows how they are trying to take over a culture, not how they celebrate their own.

Elder of Ziyon..
21 December '15..

Al Monitor has an article about how Gazans are embracing supposedly ancient "Palestinian" breads:

A number of passersby stopped outside Skafi Bakery in central Gaza City, where Mohsen Skafi, 19, was creating large, thin circular shapes by quickly tossing and flipping dough before baking them on a saj oven. "Saj" bread, cooked on a convex metal plate heated over a fire, is part of Palestinian heritage. This type of bread is also known as "markouk" or "shrak" in the Gaza Strip.

Skafi's customer Abu Ahmed Rashid told Al-Monitor, “The good thing about saj bread is that it is not made in the bakeries’ corridors and rooms in the back, as the other types of bread. Rather it is made in special areas at the entrance of a bakery or on the sidewalk. The baker’s skills of rapidly flipping the dough between his hands without ruining it encourages people to buy it.”

Rashid said that his family eats saj bread instead of regular bread with all of their meals as a way to celebrate their Palestinian heritage.

...Housewife Samah Amoudi was among the customers waiting to buy taboon bread from Qayed. She told Al-Monitor, “What makes me buy the bread is the unforgettable taste. This is why I buy it every day.”

She said, “Taboon bread is part of the few heritage items that we are still fighting to preserve in Gaza. It tells us that ancient life in Gaza used to be beautiful.”

Then we hear from the "expert:"

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