Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gas, poison, kitchen knives, incitement

...There is little doubt that in the torrent of Palestine-centric propaganda so beloved in leftist circles in Europe, Australia and the US, these three are rapidly going to be termed "political prisoners" and "freedom fighters"; the gas and the strychnine poison will be instantly expunged from the media record.

Thriving Israeli community of Oranit, scene of the
April 2, 2015 attack [Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
12 May '15..

Several more reminders today of what life lived in close proximity to rampant, religion-fueled terrorism feels like. Here's one.

Three Palestinian Arab youths, all aged 17, evidently residents of Tul Karem in the area controlled by the PA, were in court on Sunday facing charges relating to terrorist attacks by means of knives, gas and Strychnine poison, an insecticide that is lethal to humans. Their targets were the military headquarters of the IDF in Tel Aviv.

Sorry, that was a cynical attempt at mild humour. Their targets were, of course, ordinary unarmed Israeli civilians, preferably sleeping. A Jerusalem Post report [here] gives a sketchy outline that involves attacking commuters on an Israeli bus with bus, then stabbing them to death once they were overcome, and then doing something unspecified with the poison. It probably made sense in their 17 year old feverish imaginations, particularly given what we know about the degree of incitement that permeates Palestinian Arab society, much of it directed at immature personalities like these three.

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