Monday, May 25, 2015

(Video) In Memory of Zeevik Etzion HY"D - Vests 4 Israel

One Israel Fund..
22 May '15..

On the last day of Operation Protective Edge, Zeevik Etzion, the security chief of Kibbutz Nirim, was killed, along with his deputy, in a mortar attack. One Israel Fund has partnered with the IDF to replace all the bulletproof vests of the RavShatzim (Security Chiefs) throughout Israel. This is Zeevik's story.

Vests 4 Israel – Armored Vests for Security Chiefs In Memory of Zeevik Etzion HY”D

Hours before the final ceasefire of Operation Protective Edge on August 26, 2014, a mortar shell killed the RavShatz (Security Chief) of Kibbutz Nirim, Zeevik Etzion HYD and his deputy officer, Shachar Melamed HYD. This campaign has been named in honor of Zeevik, whose life was tragically taken as he was doing what he loved to do most, protecting and defending his people. Zeevik devoted his life to the safety and security of his town and his region, having served as the security chief for many years and a volunteer for MDA for over 30 years. This campaign will save the lives of his fellow RavShatzim in his merit.

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