Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The other Iran, the one with less need of Swiss hotel rooms and press conferences

...Is it paranoia if they say at every opportunity they really are out to attack your home and community? And they have colossal means of doing so?

One of a collection of snapshots published in
December 2014 on an 
Iranian military website
 under the headline "We come..." depicts

uniformed Iranian soldiers touring southern
 Lebanon, close to the 
border with
 Israel [
Iranian source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
31 March '15..

Israel, and especially our country's border zone, is often described as tense. This might seem odd so long as no actual shooting or rocket firing is taking place. Some might see it as paranoia, maybe even war-mongering. But it's less so to Israelis. Many of us understand that the general level of a population's anxiety is a function of the extent to which real and physical threats are reported. If you don't know they are there, or choose to look in the other direction, you may feel more relaxed. But that does not mean there are no enemies, or that they are not deployed out there.

Here's part of a chilling news report about our northern border ("Iranian troops advance towards Israeli border") from yesterday's Times of London:

Iran is close to putting its forces on Israel’s northeast border for the first time, as its allies crush rebel groups in the Golan Heights area of Syria. The prospect of Iranian troops being posted on a frontier that has been calm for decades is causing alarm in Israel, and comes as international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear ambitions near a climax.
Iran will be so close to the Israelis that it will no longer need long-range missiles to hit them,” said Abu Ali, a fighter with Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah organisation who has served multiple combat tours in Syria...

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