Sunday, March 1, 2015

Facts, dam facts, and non-factual inventions aimed at the gullible

Affairs like the attack-dam myth get propagated widely because, for the professionals of the news reporting industry, their anti-Israel character is enough to overcome the absence of a factual basis and the nonsense logic underpinning them. For those of us who depend on them (to whatever extent) for information and ideas, we have much to fear from today's industrialized mainstream news channels.

Friday's revised AFP report on that Gaza flooding
[Screen capture from this source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
01 March '15..

A number of news channels reported this past Monday ["23-Feb-15: Dam!"] about a malicious Israeli "attack dam" strategy. With Hamas regime spokespeople in Gaza as their source, they dutifully repeated serious charges about Israel opening the gates of its dams in southern Israel so that floodwaters would pour into the teeming communities of the wretched Gaza Strip.

Not a single reporter saw anything to confirm the claims. Nor were the dams named or located. None of this, however, prevented some of the most respected names in journalism from reporting that Israel's actions were malicious and calculated to increase Gazan suffering.

We followed up a day later ["24-Feb-15: The mess that the receding flood waters reveal"] with some observations about how some of the silly media people were dealing with having been conned:


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