Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The not-so-moderate Palestinian Authority and the terrorism it enables

...So what should the PA do? Clearly, if their goal is to keep their murdering, marauding, hate-filled terrorists on a national pedestal, then what they ought to be doing happens to be exactly what they are doing.

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
10 March '15..

How moderate is Mahmoud Abbas, now well into into the eleventh year of his four year elected term as the PA's president? How moderate is his Palestinian Authority?

People - like us - who have personally experienced the agony of terrorism ripping at the fabric of their lives and familes tend to have a more black-and-white response to those questions than others do. We don't think Abbas or the PA are moderate at all. They are heart-and-soul for terrorism. And for pretending the opposite.

A good indication comes in news like this report from yesterday's Haaretz ["PA holding 50 Islamic militants, fearing terror attack will give election to Likud", March 10, 2015]

Palestinian Authority security services have arrested some 50 members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the West Bank over the last two days, acting out of apparent fear that a terror attack in the coming days would give the Israeli election to Likud... Israeli security sources said the wave of arrests, which took place in towns and villages throughout the West Bank, was ordered by PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Most of those arrested belong to Hamas, but some belong to Islamic Jihad...
So to be clear about this: if there's a PA clamp-down on terrorists, it's temporary only, and being done for a super-pragmatic reason (i.e. "fear that a terror attack [now] would give the Israeli election to Likud...") and certainly not because they oppose terror attacks on Israelis.


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