Monday, February 18, 2013

Ynet and the power of the media to malign

18 February '13

There are times when one is struck by the lowliness of how the media covers events in Israel, Israeli publications included, and today happens to be one of those times.

Whether the following item in today's Ynet is true , half-true, or lacking any credence is irrelevant in terms of the photo used to illustrate this story.

Police suspect 'modesty squad' terrorized Beitar Illit
Two ultra-Orthodox men harass city's female residents for what they claim is unchaste behavior
Eli Senyor
02.18.13, 14:50 / Israel News

Two ultra-Orthodox men were arrested Monday for allegedly heading a "modesty squad" that terrorized the female residents of Beitar Illit over what they deemed their "immodest behavior."

The two, both in their 30s, are believed to be responsible for what the police called "a reign or terror."

(full article)

For those who are interested in the further details of the story, follow the link above, however a simple question might be in order here. How did they come to choose the following illustrative photo and what would they like the viewer to derive from it? What aspect of the story does the picture below illustrate?

(Illustration Photo: AFP)

I suspect many of you can answer that, but it is indicative of our lowered expectations of media coverage of those groups who enjoy less favor in the eyes of those who have the power to malign. And that they can malign entire groups without any accountability.

If anyone should feel moved to address this, your comments may be directed to:
Ynetnews Editorial Department: or Editor-in-chief, Ynet:

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