Thursday, February 21, 2013

(+Video) George Galloway does his thing

The inherent disrespect, intolerance and racism of the terrorism-friendly sometimes just can't be kept hidden inside. George Galloway does his thing.

The Guardian, October 14, 2012
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
21 February '13..

A moment of piercing insight from today's Times, London

George Galloway storms from Oxford debate with Israeli

Anne Barrowclough | Last updated at 1:09AM, February 21 2013

George Galloway stormed out of an Oxford University debate last night after discovering that his opponent was Israeli. The Respect party MP, who is renowned for his staunchly pro-Palestinian stance, is reported to have declared: “I don’t debate with Israelis.”Mr Galloway had spoken for ten minutes before giving away to Eylon Aslan-Levy, who was speaking against the motion “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank” in a debate at Christ Church College. 

A few minutes into his speech, Mr Aslan-Levy, 21, referred to the actions of Israeli using the term “us,” causing Mr Galloway to ask if he was Israeli. “I have been misled,” he is reported to have said. “I don’t debate with Israelis, I have been misled. I don’t recognise Israel and I don’t debate with Israel.” He then stormed out of the room, followed by his wife.


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