Thursday, February 21, 2013

The efficacy of hunger strikes as a mask for ongoing terrorism

The caption on this AFP photo reads: "Samer al-Issawi's mother attends
a solidarity sit-in  
outside the Red Cross offices in Jerusalem"
[Image Source]
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
20 February '13..

There is another sickening campaign getting underway to turn a hunger-striking convicted murderer into a figure of admiration for people who can't bother to understand terrorism or the people who do it.

Samir Tariq Ahmad Muhammad is one of the 1,027 Palestinian Arab terrorists who walked free in October 2012 as Israel bowed to jihadist extortion in the Shalit Transaction to secure the release of a young hostage illegally held for more than five years by the terrorists of Hamas. You can see him in the published Israel Prison Service list issued at the time: look for ID number 037274735.

Like some other stupendously luckier-than-smart Palestinian Arab prisoners serving long terms in prison for acts of terrorism against Israelis, this one was re-arrested in April 2002 and put back behind bars to serve the balance of his term because of an infringement of the conditions (yes, there were certainly conditions) of his completely unjustified, unjust and wrongful October 2011 return to freedom and open society.


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