Monday, December 17, 2012

(Video) Attacking a Border Policeman is not the smartest way to celebrate one's birthday

17 December '12..

Varied groups last week worked overtime creating an abundance of silly and bizarre statements to absolve 17 year-old birthday boy Mohammed Salaymeh of any responsibility for his death. Instead, they claimed that an Israeli Border Policewoman trying to save her colleague was clearly guilty of an unprovoked attack.

Amongst the collection, the following from Ahmad Jaradat, Alternative Information Center (AIC) is surely a candidate for the silliest of them all.

Walking through the downtown of Hebron, you feel trapped in a military zone. This is the ongoing situation which creates countless reasons for clashes, such as occurred when Mohammed Salaymeh lost his life on December 11 because he took out a plastic pistol, one of the many things he bought for the celebration of his birthday.

A female soldier opened fire on Salaymeh as he was walking home. She feared the plastic pistol was real and perhaps he would harm the soldiers stationed round the clock near the Ibrahimi Mosque. A Palestinian is killed because of the feeling he is danger to the soldiers

Well, not exactly.

Just released today:

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