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From the Creators of "The One Thousand and One Nights

27 June '12..

The ever-watchful Yisrael Medad with the latest from the creators of "The One Thousand and One Nights"

Going Under by Yisrael Medad



They're not racist. Not anti-Semitic. They just fabricate.

A Zionist plan to establish a Jewish museum under al-Aqsa mosque

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage (AFEH) issued a statement on Tuesday revealing that the occupation authorities had recently ratified a budget of four million shekels (more than one million dollars) to establish a Jewish center.

The center will be built under the name “audio-visual Museum”, at the entrance of Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, a few meters from the south of Al Aqsa Mosque. [a. it's much more than a "few meters". b. it is outside the walled enclosure. - YM] The foundation added that the site on which the center will be set up is a historic water well and a cavity of seven meters under the ground. The museum will be connected to the tunnels’ network dug by the occupation underground in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This project comes within the plan of establishing seven Jewish Talmudic buildings around Al-Aqsa mosque, revealed the foundation. It also said that the occupation is carrying out extensive excavation in the area in preparations to build the museum.

This photo from Emek Shaveh:Archaeology in the Shadow of the Conflict while somewhat compressed, gives a sense of the proposed location and distances involved. Beyond the excavation fence is the street, sidewalks, Old City Wall, and in the rear, Al-Aqsa. (Yosef)
The Givati Parking Lot excavations with Silwan houses in the background 

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