Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roth - A request to our readers

Freshly married terrorists at their highly-publicized wedding
ceremony last week. 
Sentenced to seventeen life sentences
between them, and laughing. 
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 June '12..

Many of you have told us how important it is that the facts outlined in Frimet Roth's recent article about the Tamimis be made available in the Hebrew language so that it can start to have an effect on Israeli public opinion. We agree.

We previously asked for your help last year (see "14-Oct-11: Please sign a petition to keep this particular terrorist behind bars"). Close to ten thousand of you signed our petition in the three days that were available to us at that time. Now we are asking you again.

Frimet's article is called "So you thought Netanyahu is tough on terrorism? Not exactly". It was posted on this blog last week and cross-posted the same day on the Times of Israel website. She wrote it after the initial supportive media coverage came from the good people at Israel National News some days earlier.

A cry of anguish, Frimet's op ed concerns our daughter's murderer and the gift she was granted earlier this month by the government of Israel. The narrative has numerous aspects from which the Israeli public has been shielded until now. We don't know why.

Today, Israel's newspaper of record, Haaretz, carries Frimet's op-ed article in Hebrew. It's entitled "נדיבים לרוצחים", meaning "Being Generous to the Murderers".

Here's our request. If you have Hebrew speaking friends or acquaintances who you feel should become aware of what has taken place in this sad and worrying extended affair, please point them to today's article in Haaretz - נדיבים לרוצחים. For your English-speaking friends, please refer them to the English version of the same article (here on our blog). We have nothing more than this to ask. People should simply know.

And please also mention to those friends that the two convicted terrorist/murderers about whom Frimet writes were married in a highly-publicized wedding ceremony (including live TV coverage - this was a major event in the Arab world) in Amman, Jordan, on June 16. As far as we can tell, not a single Israeli news source has reported this until now.

A snapshot of the blissful couple, one of many such pictures to appear in the Arab media in this past week, appears at the top of this blog posting.


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