Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stern - do brasil said...

Paula R. Stern..
A Soldier's Mother..
21 January '12..

do brasil said...

How does it feel to live in a country hated by millions of people all over the world?
NOT because its a jewish country (as you would like to believe), but because of your country´s hatred, racism, war crimes and evil acts.
America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia...
How does it feel?

How does it feel to live in a country hated by millions of people all over the world? Well, not great but if you've been hated for, thousands...of years for all sorts of stupid reasons, you kind of accept that it isn't going to change and you also understand the base root of the hatred.

So, if the reason millions hate us is because our country is responsible for all you claim - you wanna explain why more than 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis - before the State of Israel was re-established in 1948? You wanna take a stab at explaining the Crusades, the Pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition?

How does it feel? It feels great to live in my own country and know, for the first time in 2,000 years, we are in control of our destiny. We know that we can protect our own. We know that if you hijack a plane and separate the Jews out, this time, the Israeli air force will fly to Entebbe and save them.

We know that if you threaten your Jewish population, we will fly into Yemen and Ethiopia and bring them home; we'll challenge the Soviet Union to release our people and give them refuge. We know if a Jew is lost in a horrible tsunami, Israel will send a team and while the team is there, they'll search for his body.We know if there is an earthquake in Turkey, Israel will be among the first to send in rescue teams and the Israeli team will send off a small group to dig in a building to find the Israelis.

We know that no matter where our people are - anywhere in the world, we will stand against the hatred that has lead to millions hating us, and we won't be fooled by rhetoric into thinking the cause is anything but what it has always been.

How does it feel - pretty darn good. Thanks for asking.


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